Big Diamond Ranch

  "A River Runs Through It"

"Badlands" is the name for a special type of terrain. It is usually marked by colorful hills and valleys. While badlands can be found on many continents, the most spectacular ones are arguably located in the United States and in Canada.

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Big Diamond Ranch

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Have your camera ready, to capture the spirit of the Wyoming badlands.
Only a short drive from the Big Diamond Ranch will bring the visitor to the "Painted Hills"." It is an area in Dubois where a few picturesque homes have nestled themselves to the edge of the badlands. Often, their windows offer views over the Wind River and the unique formations of the hills.

From there one can enter the public BLM land and explore the surroundings by foot or on horseback.

The most beautiful part of being in Dubois, is, that the landscape changes so quickly. One doesn't have to drive far to find himself in the surreal world of the colorful badlands. On the south side of the highway one can get lost in the seemingly endless Shoshone Forest, while a step to the north of the highway will offer a drastic change of scenery.

The Badlands in Dubois, WY

The arid, landscape has very little vegetation, but the few plants that do grow here seem to stand proud and determined, amongst the colored hills and canyons that surround them.

The badlands have a rich color of reddish tones with sedimentary layers of purple, yellow or even green.