Cross-Country Skiing and Snow-Shoeing in Dubois, WY

Wind River Gear in Dubois

Offers skis and snow-shoes for rent.

Big Diamond Ranch

  "A River Runs Through It"

The Big Diamond Ranch offers excellent snow-shoeing grounds. The adventurer can start right out of the cabin's back door and experience a walk with stunning views over the valley, the river, the Absaroka Mountain range and

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Big Diamond Ranch

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Dubois has many gorgeous cross-country tracks and endless opportunity for snow-shoers to explore amongst a picturesque landscape.

Deception Cree Trailhead (2.7 miles)

has wonderfully groomed trails with a varied terrain. The 2.7 mile loop trail leads through forest with tall snow-covered pine trees and then out in the open, to reveal the gorgeous pinnacle butte mountains.

Fals Loop Trailhead (3.6 miles)

This trail is connected with the above track. It is a beautiful trail that has difficulties varied from beginner to intermediate.