Big Diamond Ranch

  "A River Runs Through It"

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Big Diamond Ranch

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With my fly-fishing rod in hand, I got out of the car and walked towards the only man-made object I could detect as far as my eyes could see. It was a public horse corral with a single paint horse in it. It looked like a postcard. I turned once around myself and started to laugh. In this vast valley surrounded with mountains reaching over 11,000 feet (3,350m,) I felt like a tiny insect sitting on a string of grass. Which of course reminded me of what I came here for. I swiftly grabbed a flying gnat out of midair, opened my pocket box of dry-flies my kids have tied for me and made my way down to the Frontier creek.

The road all through where I drove was nothing but a dirt road with one single street sign which I now wasn't sure anymore of what it said on it.

Winding my car up through the narrow ways past grazing deer  and wading moose made me lose my orientation. Just when I started to doubt that I'm on the right path, the road simply stopped. It didn't only stop because somebody had discontinued the roadwork, but it stopped because I was at the foot of a tall mountain range, extending almost all around me.

Double Cabin in Dubois, WY

25 miles (40km) north of Dubois, Wyoming lies Double Cabin, a remote campground surrounded on three sides by towering mountains. Besides a few hidden camp sites and a horse corral, there is no other evidence of human presence. No house, no store, no noise.

It took me over an hour to get here from Dubois. But the pleasant scenery along horse creek and the vast meadows of blooming wildflowers, made time seem irrelevant. "Bear aware" signs along the way made me remember that I am in grizzly country, and I reached down to my belt to reassure that I have my bear-spray with me.