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  "A River Runs Through It"

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During the summer months, Dubois holds a weekly Rodeo event

every Friday, east of town at the Clarence Allison Arena, 8 p.m.) 

There are chariot races scheduled with a breathtaking backdrop of the mountains, valleys and the colorful badlands.

There are weekly square dance sessions in the Rustic Tavern in town.

The National Bighorn Sheep Museum and the Dubois Museum have informative exhibitions.

There is a pack-horse race in the summer and also a buffalo barbeque with delicious bison that is smoked in the ground for several days ahead of the event.

The Town of Dubois, WY

The town of Dubois is a small, authentic western village with less than a 1000 year-round inhabitants. A significant number of people who live in this town, are painters, writers, photographers and musicians. In the summer the number nearly doubles with people coming to occupy their summer homes and the outdoor loving visitors who check into the many dude ranches surrounding the town.

Dubois doesn't have a fast food franchise and also no mall. There isn't a high-rise building and also no traffic light. The reason people have settled here is

the breathtaking landscape. 

Whichever way the visitor decides to head for the day, his eyes will meet everything from towering mountains, colorful valleys, and pristine mountain lakes to the gorgeous Wind River which gives this valley its name.

Dubois also has an abundance of wildlife that can often be seen right from the road. Moose, golden and bald eagle, antelope, elk and deer are frequently seen close to town, while grizzly bears with their cubs are inhabiting the outskirts of town.