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While there are many more secret spots to discover, below are some of Dubois' premier fly fishing places.

Wind River

Seasonally dependent, this is an exceptionally yielding stream with cutthroat trout, big browns, brook and rainbow trout. A bit of an insider, this stream has become the get-away for anglers who are looking for solitude and peace. Winter fishing is excellent east of town, where the water doesn't freeze. The beauty for Big Diamond Ranch guests is, that the Wind River runs right through the private property, for some exclusive fishing rights. More about the Wind River.

Brooks Lake

A 35 minute drive west from the Big Diamond Ranch, this one is a must visit for its gorgeous scenery and well worth a shot for some early summer, fast-pace rainbow action. More about Brooks Lake

Double Cabin

This is a bit of a drive to the outskirts of Dubois, but it will lead the angler into the most beautiful remote valley. Where the mountain road comes to an end, it offers a 360 degree view of towering mountains and a shy little shallow creek (Frontier Creek.) When summer is at its peak and the insects are buzzing along the water, big cutthroat and brook trout will offer a spectacle of splashing out of the water for any well offered dry fly. While you are driving along the scenic Horse Creek to get there, stop your car along the dirt road and take the few steps down to the water. It is a good spot to try out your newest fly pattern. More about Double Cabin.

Fly Fishing in Dubois, WY

Dubois is one of those places where one can just grab his fly-fishing gear and his hat, and then hop in the car and drive in any desired direction to go fishing. It doesn't need more than a paper map to find the many streams and mountain lakes that are laid into the valleys. One more gorgeous than the other, the often scenic path to find them, excites the fisherman as much as the mountaineer.

You can hire a guide and he will quickly drive you to a spot where with assurance, you can find the big ones rising out of the pool. But if you have a little more time, I invite you to think like a fish and go your own way. Out there at 7,000+ feet (2,100m)elevation, in the shadow of the mountains, there is not one way to tie your fly, or one spot to find the trout. It is a wonderland of nature as far as your eye can see, and you will likely be the only one wading in its water, for there is plenty of space to be.