Big Diamond Ranch

  "A River Runs Through It"

In summer, the park offers gorgeous hiking trails, wildlife viewing and photography opportunities, as well as many backpack and camping areas. Clear mountain lakes and streams beckon swimmers, fly-fishers, canoers and floaters to their water, while push-bikers cruise around them, on the many well designated trails. In winter, skiing and snowshoeing are popular activities. Those who come to visit in the colder months, will feel as if they have the park to themselves.

It is approximately 40 miles from the Big Diamond Ranch to the beginning of the National parks.  The scenic drive leads a visitor over the Great Divide which lays at over 9,500ft (2,896m) elevation. Both parks are joined together and are easily accessible from the Big Diamond Ranch.

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Big Diamond Ranch

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Visitors of the Grand Teton National Park don't have to crawl into the woods to view the wildlife. Many large animals can easily be watched from the side of the road, while others will plant themselves in the middle of the street to study the travelers.

Yellowstone National Park / Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

The drive from the Big Diamond Ranch to Jackson, leads through Grand Teton National park. The trip not only offers stunning Teton views, but also one of the best chances to see big wildlife. Bears, wolves, elk, and mountain lions are amongst the animals that live in this ecosystem.

The park is not so much a place that is fenced in and separated from towns like Jackson or Dubois, but it is much part of the people's life's who live here.